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Scot Leftwich, also known as Doc (a reference to his professional title of Dr. Leftwich), is a good ole’ southern boy born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, currently living in the sunshine state of Florida where his family and transportation modeling business (Leftwich Consulting Engineers, Inc.) is located. However, Doc still finds his way to North Carolina a couple times a year for family reunions, holidays and, most importantly, bike trips with Kenny.

Doc received his B.S.C.E in Civil Engineering in 1973, his M.C.E in Transportation in 1974, and his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering/Transportation in 1982, all from North Carolina State University. Doc has been married for over 35 years to Ana Leftwich, whom he has two daughters with (Regia Leftwich’ Carani and Stephanie Leftwich ‘Dub).

Although he loves his work, he is also passionate about having fun with the guys, traveling with his family, riding his Honda Goldwing, relaxing by the pool or in the hot tub with the occasional cigar and grabbing his Red Cup now and then to enjoy the finer things in life. Doc is an avid golfer, weight lifter, civil war enthusiast and biker and although Maker’s Mark was his first choice, Dickel is now his finer choice (served in a Red Cup of course).

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